Seatrek First Aid Training Courses

Many people often under estimate the importance of having the confidence to know exactly what to do in an emergency. Having that confidence and knowledge whilst being able to apply it, can help save lives.

At Seatrek Training, we have been providing first aid training courses for over 16 years. WorkingSeatrek First Aid Training with a variety of industries including government, constructions, Aqua culture, Environmental & Harbour Services as well as many others, Seatrek Training brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to its first aid training courses. We offer first aid training to both businesses and individuals either on a one-to-one or group basis. Our first aid training can take place on or off site in a suitable venue.

If you’re not sure what levels of first aid training you and your business needs, feel free to contact us directly to discuss the nature of your business and number of employees. We will then determine the legal requirements specific to your Company’s individual circumstances and guide you through the courses that best suit your needs.  

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"I enjoyed the atmosphere and how Lesley made me keen to know more." - Sara Henry
"Relaxed environment, good discussions" - Kelsie Greggdin
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